Why Families Use Sikkim Tour Packages?

Sikkim, is a place that is charmingly and comfortably snuggled in the eastern Himalayas. It is one place that attracts families from diverse regions of the world for its gorgeous and unique and enriching travel experience it has to offer. If your family is going to travel to this region, you can also try out using one of the Sikkim tour packages from Rajkot or from your place.

Wealthy Cultural Heritage 

This is one place that you can consider to be a melting pot of different cultures and communities, encompassing Lepchas, Bhutas, and Nepalis. Families most of the times make the most of these tour packages to immerse themselves in this rich cultural diversity. Visitors can explore old monasteries, such as Rumtek and even Pemayangtse, in which they can witness traditional dances, even rituals, and religious ceremonies. The vivacious festivals of Sikkim, like Losar and even Dasain, provide you with a unique opportunity for the families to take part in celebrations taking place in the area.

Picturesque Beauty and Breathtaking Landscapes 

Sikkim is one place that is renowned for its stunning natural beauty, even characterized by snow-capped peaks, luxurious green valleys, and pure lakes. Families are captivated to the gorgeous landscapes that provide them with a perfect backdrop for memorable and unforgettable vacations. From the regal Kanchenjunga, the third-highest mountain in the world, to the calm Tsomgo Lake and even the captivating Yumthang Valley, this place has something for everyone from young to old. 

Diverse Types of Adventure Activities 

You know for the families that look forward to go for adventures, Sikkim promises a great range of thrilling activities. The state is a great trekking paradise, with trails catering to diverse types of difficulty levels. Families can definitely choose to embark on treks apt for beginners or opt for more challenging type of routes for seasoned trekkers. Additionally, it is also true that river rafting on the Teesta River, even fun filled paragliding in Gangtok, and cable car rides promise that families who want to have thrilling moments get it comfortably in Sikkim. After all, you can choose a package that includes different kinds of adventure activities so that you don’t have to get into any procedures or tasks.

Vibrant Flora and Fauna 

The diverse ecosystem of Sikkim is a major attraction for people who love nature to the core. This is one state that is home to a variety of plant and even animal species, including the red panda and even the Himalayan blue sheep. Families can easily explore the Khangchendzonga National Park, even a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to taste the rich biodiversity and relish the serenity of the natural surroundings.

Tranquil Retreats 

You know away from the hustle and bustle of urban life; Sikkim definitely gets you peaceful retreats that allow your family to unwind and connect with nature. Picturesque homestays in diverse types of villages like Lachen and Lachung ensure that you get a chance to experience the local way of life and even relish the tranquillity of the mountains.  


The point is simple, families prefer to use Sikkim tour packages because they know that a good single tour package can ensure that they make the most of all the activities. There would not be any headache of making arrangements and all.

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