Prevent Your Kid’s exposure To Adult Content With Parental Control App For Android

Any media or material consisting of audio, or video files that contain porn, nudes or sexual content and are forbidden to be broadcast on national Tv is termed adult content. You might have seen a small figure or sentence at the start of the movie that showed an age limit and any sexual content presence alert lately. That is a little attempt to stop exposure of any triggering or adult stuff to the kids. But is that enough? Can you make sure your kid will not click on any specific file or video that comes with the warning of the adult stuff? Well, the chances are that they may click on it more fastly than they click on any educated stuff. This is unfortunately the reality of the digital life we live in. There are spoilers and alerts everywhere but still, nothing is in control.

  • 67% of parents blame the internet for accelerated chat and talk sessions about sex and sexual activities.
  • 89% of parents are worried about unintentional exposure to adult stuff about their kids and consider it as one of their biggest concerns.
  • A recent meta-analysis study has revealed shocking results as according to the figures 20% of young people are exposed to unintentional sexual stuff material and adult content online.

In case you are thinking about snatching the smart devices for your kids and checking the internet history just stop right there as it is not the solution. I am here to tell you about a powerful yet magical Parental Control App For Android that can help you remotely track such activity. Not just that the app will help you block any unwanted stuff like pron videos, any apps or websites from your kid’s device permanently. Sounds unreal right? But don’t worry let me explain everything in detail and decide for yourself.

The OgyMogy Parental Control App For Android:

The OgyMogy spy app is the best app that offers excellent parent control features for the user. You can use the app for your kid’s cellphone. Mac book, windows devices like laptop or desktop. In short, any smart device can be monitored remotely with the help of the OgyMogy spy app. The wonderful economical bundles and user-friendly interface make it one of the best choices for parents. No need to worry about the aftershocks as to what will happen when the kid will know about it as the app offer stealth mode to the user. They will remain unaware of the whole fiasco and you will be able to check their web-based activities smartly and remotely.

The Screen Alerts:

The OgyMogy Parental Control App For Android reports to you about every second of screen activity. That means you can know if they try to access any sexual stuff, porn or anything else.

Check The YouTube Videos History:

The YouTube screen monitoring feature keeps the history and recording of all the videos searched and streamed on the Youtube account of the target teen. Know if they are streaming adult videos or updating such stuff in their personal channel for clicks.

Know about the Netflix list:

Easy access to the web browsing history and website record is also possible with the Parental Control App For Android. 

Find what is in Bookmark Folder:

Bookmark access gives insights into the frequently visited content of the target browser. You can know about their latest interests and hobbies.  

Frequently Monitor the Instant Messenger chats:

People share adult stuff through instant messenger chat apps. If your kid has joined any public groups then there is a chance of exposure to adult content. Monitor the chat apps with the OgyMogy Parental Control App For Android.

Get Into the Photo Gallery:

Keep an eye on the captured, downloaded and shared photos present in the target teen.

Block Unwanted Website:

The web filtering feature gives the power to the parents to block unwanted web content from the target device.

Block any App with Adult Content:

You can not only block web content but can also block apps and software from your kid’s device.

The Parental Control App For Android can also be used for keeping an eye on the iPhone for your kid.

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