Do Planet Fitness Have Saunas? (2024)

In the quest for wellness, many turn to saunas for their array of potential health benefits. There’s one question, however, that pops up frequently amongst fitness enthusiasts: Do Planet Fitness locations have saunas? This article dives into this topic, offering comprehensive insights about “Do Planet Fitness Have Saunas?”.

Planet Fitness Sauna Facilities

Planet Fitness Sauna Facilities

First, it’s essential to clarify that as of the last update, Planet Fitness locations do not offer sauna facilities. The chain prides itself on maintaining a no-frills gym environment, which typically doesn’t include amenities like saunas. Instead, their focus is on providing basic, quality equipment and fostering a judgement-free zone for all members.

Other Fitness Centers

While Planet Fitness may not offer saunas, several other gyms do. For instance, chains like Gold’s Gym, LA Fitness, and Lifetime Fitness provide sauna facilities. If having access to a sauna is vital for your workout routine, it may be worth exploring membership options at these alternative gyms.

Health Benefits

Sauna Access and Its Health Benefits

Even though saunas aren’t part of the Planet Fitness package, it’s worth understanding why they’ve gained popularity. Regular sauna usage has been linked to several potential health benefits, including increased circulation, better skin health, stress reduction, and even improved cardiovascular performance.

Planet Fitness Membership

Planet Fitness Membership

Despite the lack of saunas, a Planet Fitness membership comes with its unique perks. Some of these include 24/7 access to their facilities, unlimited access to home club, free fitness training, and the opportunity to bring a guest at no additional cost.

Sauna Usage

Sauna Usage Making an Informed Decision

While the benefits of sauna usage can be enticing, it’s essential to use them correctly to maximize benefits and minimize potential risks. Hydrating adequately before and after sauna use, limiting your time spent inside, and listening to your body are critical steps to ensure a safe and beneficial sauna experience.

Planet Fitness Sauna Policies

Given Planet Fitness’ commitment to customer satisfaction, there’s always a chance they may choose to include saunas in their facilities in the future. Keep an eye on their updates for any policy changes or additional amenities.

Unique Selling Proposition

While Planet Fitness may lack a sauna, what it lacks in these facilities it more than makes up for with its unique selling proposition. Planet Fitness differentiates itself in the market by offering an affordable, low-pressure workout environment—also known as the Judgement Free Zone®. This approach is designed to make everyone, from the casual exerciser to the hardcore fitness enthusiast, feel welcome and comfortable.

The franchise’s commitment to inclusivity goes beyond just a slogan. Each location is carefully designed and maintained to promote a non-intimidating atmosphere. The equipment selection prioritizes cardio and strength training machines, while typically steering clear of the heavy-duty lifting equipment that can sometimes feel intimidating to less experienced gym-goers.

A Planet Fitness Membership

Without sauna facilities, you might wonder, what does a Planet Fitness membership offer? The answer is: quite a lot. From their “Unlimited Access to Home Club” to the unique “PE@PF” group fitness classes, which include both small group training sessions and customized individual exercise programs, Planet Fitness has plenty to offer.

Also, there’s the Black Card membership, which, aside from all the regular membership benefits, allows you access to any Planet Fitness location worldwide, the ability to bring a guest for free anytime you work out, and access to massage chairs or beds and tanning facilities where available. Plus, Black Card members can also enjoy discounts on drinks and free Wi-Fi at participating locations.

Alternatives to Saunas

If the lack of a sauna at Planet Fitness feels like a deal-breaker, there are alternative wellness options you might consider. The franchise, particularly for Black Card members, offers the usage of massage chairs and HydroMassage beds. HydroMassage beds utilize water power to massage the body and can provide some similar benefits to a sauna, like stress reduction and muscle relaxation.

In addition to these, tanning facilities are also available at Planet Fitness for those who want that sun-kissed look all year round.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there saunas at Planet Fitness?

 As of now, Planet Fitness does not offer sauna facilities.

Can I use a sauna at Planet Fitness?

 No, Planet Fitness locations do not currently provide sauna facilities.

Do all Planet Fitness locations have saunas?

 No, none of the Planet Fitness locations currently have saunas.

Are saunas included in Planet Fitness membership?

 No, Planet Fitness memberships do not include access to sauna facilities.

What are the benefits of using the saunas at gyms?

 Regular sauna usage may offer numerous health benefits, including improved circulation, better skin health, stress reduction, and enhanced cardiovascular performance.

What else does Planet Fitness offer if they don’t have saunas?

 Planet Fitness provides a range of cardio and strength equipment, group fitness classes, and for Black Card members, access to massage chairs or beds and tanning facilities where available.

Is Planet Fitness worth it without a sauna?

 Yes, Planet Fitness can be an excellent choice for those seeking a friendly, non-intimidating environment to work out. They offer quality equipment and a variety of facilities that contribute to a beneficial fitness experience.

What are alternatives to saunas at Planet Fitness?

 Massage chairs and HydroMassage beds, where available, can provide some of the relaxation and muscle recovery benefits similar to a sauna. Tanning facilities are also an option.

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Final Words

To conclude, while Planet Fitness might not have sauna facilities, it delivers on its promise of providing a judgement-free zone for fitness enthusiasts. With its affordable membership plans and wide range of facilities and services, it remains a strong contender in the fitness industry. A sauna might be a nice addition, but its absence doesn’t detract from the overall quality and value that a Planet Fitness membership provides. We hope that our “Do Planet Fitness Have Saunas?” and this comprehensive guide have given you some valuable insights.

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